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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Size: 900 acres


Urban design, Neighborhood development


Nan Guo, Ramneek Bajwa, Wanqin Su

Looking at the framework of Philadelphia, Mantua is a desirable location in the city context, due to its proximity to the river as well as to the university campus. The antiquity of low-income population and racial/social segregation in the region calls for immediate action. This proposal is an attempt to address the issue of gentrification, growing crime rates, low education status and vacant spaces in the neighborhood in hope of crafting a healthier, safer, livable and prosperous community for the future generations. The strategy aims to use education as a catalyst to dissolve the segregation and bridge the social divide. The idea is to introduce these 'tributaries' as a system of connections amidst the existing infrastructure with the ambition of linking the fragments and impacting the community as a whole.

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