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As a designer filled with curiosity and passion, I believe each piece of landscape has its own story which is worth appreciating. Due to this concept, seeking and developing the emotional and rational connection to the land are the fundamentals of my design theory. With experimental attempts and varies technology and media applications, my design is the innovative expression of hidden potentials which belong to the ecological and cultural environment. My works range from detail design, site design to place making projects, urban design and regional planning projects. In the journey of exploration, I truly enjoy the beauty of sense and sensibility in design process.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 09/2010-06/2014
Master of Landscape Architecture
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 08/2014- 06/2016


SWA Group, Houston Office

05/2018- Present, Houston, TX

Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc.

landscape designer

09/2016-2018, Baltimore, MD

The Collection, Chevy Chase Center landscape improvement, Chevy Chase, MD
-Hard paving pattern & material option study for Farr Park
-Form design and material development for key water feature
-Planting concept arrangement, plantation palette & construction drawing
*Under construction


The Avenues, Schematic Landscape Design, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
-Assist concept development: rendering of master plan, overall digital modeling
-Shade structure design (concept stage to design development)

-Water feature design (concept stage to design development)
coordination with interior furnishing


9800 Medical Center Landscape Improvement, Rockville MD 
full-range of concept design

Louisiana State University Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture
graduate assistant 
08/2015- 06/2016, Baton Rouge, LA

Worked with professor Austin Allen on both lecturing and academia
Water System Studio
Baker Canal Corridor Project

AECOM Technology Corporation, Chongqing Office

design intern

06/2015- 08/2015, Chongqing, China

Develop concept design and graphic visualization

Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Louisiana State University

chief of Publicity Department 

01/2015-06/2016, Baton Rouge, LA
Publicity strategic planning, social media management
2015 Mid-autumn Festival Party, activity promotion
2016 Chinese New Year Gala Evening, activity promotion

Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute

Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co.,Ltd

design intern

06/2015-08/2015, Shanghai, China

Jiangpu Park Landscape Improvement

-Site inventory and analysis

-Concept design

Professional Activities:

Harbor Memory| Light City Festival
10/2017-04/2018, Baltimore
Commissioned pulic art project
Neighborhood Light/ Community workshop, art installation
Light Walk/ Art installation
On Demand/Digital content and time based media exibition

The Flowing Green

04/2013-04/2014, Shanghai
Program of Starbucks Student Environmental Practitioner
bike-mounted plant promotion and public riding festival organization
project leader, strategic planning, project management, activity promotion

National College Green Campus Concept Design Competition

-Sponge Cubic

10/2013, Shanghai

creative design of campus road system

Nomination Award

TJ hub Young Design Talent Exhibition, Shanghai International Design Center

-Planning the Outdoor Spaces @ Tongji University 

04/2013, Shanghai

Survey of urban planting space

12/2012 -1/2013, Shanghai

Shanghai Yangpu District Garden Management Office


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