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Floating Stones


Shanghai, China

Size: 2.2 acres


Landscape architecture

This site is located in the center of Shanghai, People's square which is a high dense area in commercial, tourist, historical, traffic aspects. As an urban plaza in front of Shanghai urban planning museum, this project proposed to build a healthy urban pedestrian system with cultural related image. Shanghai used to be a fishing village in ancient China. And it's ancient name 'Hudu' means fishing in the river originally. This project recreate a abstract river with the realistic functions at the most significant part of this great city. The stone shaped elements made of different materials can be used for seating, climbing, lighting and other unplanned activities. Like stone divide the water in the creek as well as creating low-lying land to store the water, this piece of urban landscape will provide a space with high quality for walking and short time recreation to fit the needs of people stream.

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