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NYC Link


New York City, NY

Size: 0.7 acres


Landscape architecture


Priyanka Malik

"NYC Link," represents the new face of the Park Avenue median. The median currently is viewed as a traffic divider with planting. To its south lies the Grand central station, an important transportation hub. The 53rd street makes an important E-W linkage; connecting the Rosevelt Island and the Hunters point on the East of Park Avenue and Clifft Park and 12 Avenue road on the west of Park Avenue. The North South axis of the median, forms a vital connect with Central Park and Bryant Park. It has been observed that Park Avenue neighbourhood in itself has no particular attraction yet has been home to many well-known people. With all important places around the "median,” and a need to have develop the area with its own allurement, the traffic divider is to be viewed beyond its existing functions.

The "NYC Link," design proposal involves approaching the site at the Master Plan and at the Site Plan level. Currently the median divides the 4-lane traffic on either side. NYC has been promoting public transport, bicycle friendly lanes and walk- ability. The design strategy thus suggests widening the median from 19'6" to 45' by reducing the traffic lanes on either side. By widening the median, a green corridor is created from 46th block to 57th block. In addition, the "NYC Link," becomes part of the larger green system. Within the new green corridor, exists a pedestrian corridor and a bicycle corridor which contributes to the larger sustainable transportation system.

The site level design is inspired to create design expressions of NYC's history, present and future. The history phase reflects the past of NYC, a more green and pedestrian environment. This phase specifically inspired by the Japanese philosophy, " Shinrin-yoku,' attempts to create an urban forest effect with tall trees and seating. A contemplative setting in the ground plan amidst the busy NYC traffic lanes. The space is dotted with temporary Art installation in-order to continue to encourage ART as a form of expression. The present phase, reflects the current, technology drive NYC. In the digital world, with mobile phones popularising the idea of selfies, the design proposes a sculptor screen which projects selfies of people when taken and uploaded by an app. The idea is to unite technology and design and use it to connect people. The future phase of NYC represents hope of a greener and environmentally friendly NYC. The glass bridge gives you a view of the current NYC but the green under and around it makes you feel closer to nature. The space under the bridge, can be used for temporary market and food carts. Provision of such a space, makes encourages employment and unities communities.

NYC Link, is a design proposal that provides economic, social and environmental benefits. The design encourages use of bicycle as an alternate mode of transport. The walk across the blocks from 46th to 57th is made interesting with varied experiences thus boosting the idea to walk. Having a space which is less of a traffic divider but more of a linear park, generates spaces of social interaction. The flexible spaces like turning of History phase into an ART walk or the space under the bridge into temporary market, makes for a design which offers space flexibility. The design, overall, will encourage tourist attraction, generate economic benefit to people with small odd jobs and promote a healthier urban life.

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