Flooding Mosaicism

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Using ArcGIS program to figure out the existing drainage on the site. Creating the buffer zone alone the low land area. Building the water network to contain and reuse the water.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Size: 780 acres


Landscape architecture

Flood control

Agriculture experiment  


Ran Liu

Baker cannel is an important part of Baker city’s drainage system. It connects Baker city with Mississippi river. In flood season, this cannel needs to with stand the huge amount of water to ensure the safety of Baker city. Located within the Baker cannel corridor, this project is the concept design of the east campus and experimental farmland of Southern University. It mitigates the storm water and flood risk by creating a sustainable agriculture land, which composed a water network attached with varies elevated planting zones and detention ponds. Like a sponge, it will hold and make use of the water from rainfall, Baker city and Mississippi. Also, the innovative activity spaces in the agriculture land with diverse planting conditions are designed to activate the outdoor life of students and surrounded neighborhood.